NICU Journey Starter Bundle


This bundle is a combination of all the individual bundles: basic, cuddle, mama love, and graduation. You will receive everything from these bundles within this starter collection. You save $5 by purchasing the entire collection and receive free shipping.


Poster (Basic)- This is a print of an original painting and printed on premium paper with high quality inks. Each poster is 8”x10”, and will include a spot for you to write your child’s name on it. These posters are intended for your baby’s doctors, nurses, and any other caretakers to sign and leave messages of well wishes on it. These posters are wonderful keepsakes to look back on down the road and remember the amazing people who cared for your little in their time of need. They are also perfect to be framed and displayed in your babes nursery.  

Name Banner (Basic)- This is a custom banner made out of cardstock and scrapbook paper that display your baby’s name wherever you’d like in you NICU space. Some are able to hang them on their babe’s crib and others choose a wall space. Either way, this adorable banner makes your hospital “home away from home” feel a little more personal and like your own space. Colors and designs will vary.

Birth Infographic (Basic)- This is a 6”x6” custom image created out of cardstock that displays your baby’s birth information all in one place. You can display this in your babes NICU space or save it to hang somewhere in your home, or both! Most likely, this small “poster” will match your custom name banner. Colors and designs will vary.

Blanket (Cuddle) – You will receive either a bumble bee or giraffe handmade blanket. Having a blanket in the NICU provides a personal item for baby that is something of their own. Parents can sleep with the blanket, transferring their scent to it, and give back to baby to feel close to mom and dad. It can also be used for kangaroo care.

Crocheted Octopus (Cuddle) – This item is a hand-crocheted soft cotton octopus for baby to cuddle. Research shows that snuggling up with these octopuses help babies feel safer, improving breathing, more regular heartbeats and higher oxygen blood levels. Additionally, babies are less likely to pull their monitor wires and tubes. The tentacles of the octopus act as the umbilical cord, reminding babies of the womb, creating a calming effect. These are made by a NICU mom with experience in what materials are allowed and safe for use in the NICU. Colors and designs will vary.

Shirt (Mama Love)- You have a choice between a stone (light gray) or charcoal (dark gray) color shirt that will include your custom monogram on it. These long sleeve button up shirts are perfect and convenient for kangaroo care and pumping. The longer shirt tail makes it the perfect shirt to wear with some comfortable leggings during your long days spent in the NICU.

Canvas Tote (Mama Love)- As a mom of a baby in the NICU, you will most likely have a lot of things to carry back and forth between home and the hospital. This tote will help you do that with ease and also has an inspirational message, you ARE a warrior.

Double-walled Acrylic Tumbler (Mama Love)- It’s so important to stay hydrated during your long days at the hospital. Often, NICU mama’s are so involved and focused on their littles, that their own needs are forgotten or set aside. This adorable custom monogram tumbler is a great way for mamas to remember to continue drinking water.

Bookmark (Mama Love)- Having a baby in the NICU can be really tough on a mama. It’s hard to watch your little in that situation and you feel helpless. We hope this bookmark, stating “You Will Rise Up”, is a reminder to these mamas that they can get through this. This bookmark is great to put in those books you read aloud to your little.  

Two Onesies (Graduation) – Discharge is an exciting time at the NICU. To help you celebrate finally being able to bring your new bundle of joy home, you will receive a gray NICU graduate onesie and a black Rocked the NICU onesie. Knowing that everyone’s stay in the NICU varies, there is an option to have a certificate sent in lieu of the onesies to be redeemed closer to discharge. You will be able to choose your onesie sizes.

Carrier Tag (Graduation)- Let’s face it, your babies are adorable and everyone wants to meet them. But it’s important that when your little leaves the NICU they stay healthy. These carrier tags can be clipped to car seats, strollers, baby carriers, etc. to kindly let others know that your baby might not be able to handle big germs out in the world just yet.

** Please provide the following information in the notes section at checkout: Child’s name, birth weight, length, location of birth, date and time for the Basic bundle. The letters for your custom monogram for your Mama Love bundle. If your child needs an adaptable onesie for medical tubes/wires (oxygen, monitors, ports, g tubes, etc.), please specify.****

**This bundle includes a personalized card from the sender to the NICU family. At check out, please include the message you would like your card to say in the note section. If more than one bundle is purchased for the same family, only one card will be included.**

Shipping Details:

We understand that things happen very quickly in the NICU. All orders will be shipped within three business days via USPS.

There are no returns or exchanges. If an item was delivered damaged, it will be replaced. If you have questions, concerns or unhappy with what you received, please contact so we can resolve the issue together. My customers come first.

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Boy, Girl, Gender Neutral

NICU Poster

Bee Hive, Blue Giraffe, Colorful Giraffes, Cool Colored Hearts, Gray Elephant, Pink Elephant, Purple Elephant, Red Giraffe, Teal Elephant, Tree, Warm Colored Hearts

NICU Graduate Onesie (Gray) Graduation Bundle

Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, Certificate to redeem at later date

Rock the NICU Onesie (Black) Graduation Bundle

Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, Certificate to redeem at later date

Mama Shirt Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL

Mama Shirt Color

Stone, Charcoal


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