Build relationships, capture incredible memories and spread love by creating artwork that brings meaning and joy to others.

What is KAI?

Kreating Art Intentionally (KAI) is a local shop based in Westerville, Ohio ran by me! My name is Amber Pierson and I’m a local artist. I offer a variety of watercolor, acrylic and hand lettered pieces that are meant to inspire and share joy. You can find anything from local Ohio proud pieces to abstract florals or pieces celebrating cultures all around the world and hand lettered messages of faith and encouragement. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here! KAI heavily focuses on customizable art and I love the challenge of creating a piece that brings my clients vision to life. My passion lies in painting buildings whether it be homes that hold special memories or venues where you said “I do”. Additionally, I enjoy making abstract skyline paintings of cities around the world that hold significance in my customers lives. I don’t just make art, I am intentional about making pieces that hold a special place in your heart.

Who is Amber?

Hey there! I am the face behind all of this madness. Well, with a lot of help from my husband, family and friends. I design, create, pack and ship each piece myself and am the one behind all of the emails/social media messages! I graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio in 2010 with a degree in Fine Arts/Art Education. I taught Art and English Second Language in the schools for four years, always creating my own artwork as time allowed on the side. I spent a lot of this time creating custom pieces for my friends and family as they reached out to me and loved the creative process. I quickly learned it was my passion and what I loved to do! But as you all know, there is never enough time. So, making this a full time gig while teaching was rough. But then I had a son and everything changed, KAI was formed.

Fun things about me:

  • My family, friends and faith in Jesus are everything to me
  • I constantly have the travel bug and love to explore, I try to attend a mission trip with my church at least every other year
  • I have a craving to learn about new cultures
  • I’m a new mom and love my son so incredibly much I named my company after him
  • I’m a coffee addict, like the rest of the world
  • I’m obsessed with dogs, I have two and would have several more if my husband allowed
  • If I could afford to eat Chipotle every day, I would
  • I obviously love to draw and paint, working with watercolors is newer to me but I love it
  • I love hearing people’s stories, time spent talking with people is how I fill my bucket (a reference we used in church for “refueling” and “rest”)
  • I’m short, blonde, love to laugh and make life fun! Me in a nutshell.

Every day, I am so grateful that I’m able to make this dream of mine a reality, doing what I love. Making art for you and sharing it with the world.

How It Started:

Life can be crazy. We all know that. Sometimes it presents things you never expected in your wildest dreams. As previously stated, I was a teacher but not necessarily loving what I did. I loved my students but hated being confined by the rigorous rules and additional work that schools now require and I was done. But I never had a push to make being an artist full time a reality until I had my son, Kai, in December of 2017. Truthfully, my husband, Danny, and I didn’t even think it was feasible for our family for me to quit teaching but babies change things and Kai, he’s special.

Without going into immense detail, (although if you are interested in following the whole story, you can visit my blog) our son was born with a disorder called Hydrocephalus and due to this diagnosis suffers from several brain anomalies and vision impairments. The best way to explain how we felt is in a beautiful poem written by Emily Perl Kingsley. (which you can also read on my blog under the “Comparison Game” post) When this life altering event took place, I decided to stop going through the motions and start living intentionally. I decided to stop making excuses for why I couldn’t be a full time artist and instead use that energy making my dream a reality. Not to mention, spending more time working from home and a flexible schedule to be with Kai was a necessity. And with all of that, KAI was officially “born”. Through all of this experience, I knew I wanted to do more than make “pretty” art but I wanted to create meaningful art. I wanted to make art that captures those memories that mean so much to you. So, now that’s what I do and I feel blessed.